NM Government Transparency


Here's my Jersey on government transparency.

Government transparency? We don't need no stinking government transparency. I got your government transparency right here...


I would create a website that any person in the state of NM can peruse. This website should contain all the government information that anybody should want to know, at any time. For example, what are all the salaries of all the various employees in NM? One day, a website just like this will have all of this information in one location, on an easily searchable database. It just takes a little political courage, that's all. You gotta problem with that?

Oh wait. There already exists a website just described? The Richardson Administration started this whole government transparency thang back in 2005/2006 with the purchase of Oracle's PeopleSoft Financials and Human Resources applications (commonly known as SHARE), while certain people didn't even know it existed.

It turns out that Oracle Corporation came in to NM to do PeopleSoft, which does the Sunshine Portal.

Here's a webpage example of the kind of information the Portal can give you. Go ahead. Try other links. You can spend hours at this website. For example, here are the revenue numbers for NM last year. See, I couldn't help myself!

June 25, 2015 - State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg, who argues it would be smarter to reinstall the entire program than replace it with a new ERP.  He is 100% correct!!!! In a letter sent earlier this month, he urged Finance and Administration Secretary Tom Clifford to halt the planned upgrade of the system known as SHARE, or the Statewide Human Resources, Accounting and Management Reporting System. “Based on all empirical data … reimplementation of the SHARE system, while more costly, time consuming and perhaps painful, is not only preferable but required,” Eichenberg wrote in his June 4 letter.  The Martinez selected Finance and Administration Secretary is totally wrong with what he wants to do. You would have to pay for two systems till the new one is in place - hope he has a lot of dough.

Now that's how you get transparent in NM. How 'bout youse guys?



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