NM State Fair


Here's my Jersey on the State Fair and its location.

The State Fair Grounds need to be revitalized for the 21st century.


Move the State Fair. That land is just way too valuable to be sitting idle most of the time. And when I mean move the State Fair, I mean move everything; the State Fair, flea market, rodeo, casino, race track, etc. We need to be doing something different than we are doing right now. It just takes a little political courage, that's all.

The State Fair can go to the Balloon Fiesta Park. Why not? Is it that busy? Can we privatize the State Fair? Why not? Do we want to we move horse racing and the casino, which by the way, would allow table games, to Santa Fe Downs (with a Rail Runner stop there, of course). Why not?  You gotta problem with that?

This would, of course, is the other part of the idea of behind converting the State Fair grounds into NM Central State Park. This would certainly make the place a lot more useful than it is now.

Now that's how you can move the State Fair. How 'bout youse guys?


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