NM DoIT Data Centers


Here's my Jersey on NM DoIT Centers.

It's July 2015 and everyone is being hacked, even OPM, which included my personal information.


We just need two centers.

Well, that was easy. So what's taking so long?

Albuquerque and Santa Fe should be the only two locations in NM for server and networking technologies. As a result, all System Server Administrators and Lead Network Administrators would be divided between these two locations. This would put all the IT infrastructure employees under one state leadership direction.

Currently, the state has approximately 40 IT departments and 10 CIOs, all doing their own thing. All these departments trade employees (and application expertise) for promotional opportunities. What a mistake not making DoIT a strategic department instead of a reactive one! It just takes a little political courage, that's all.

Albuquerque Location

This facility should accommodate all state hardware infrastructure needs for web/cloud applications. I believe Central State Park (Expo-NM) would be an excellent location. All application development would be at this location to share expertise for all Departments and Agencies. You gotta problem with that?

Santa Fe Location

We should maintain the Simms location for Disaster Recovery and/or Load Balancing. We should keep all administration and reporting services at this location. Have the state application development project leadership team decide on direction. Maybe there are software applications that agencies can (cough) SHARE, like what all the Social Services Departments and Agencies in NM should be doing (14 in all!). Still another plus is the proximity to the rail runner.

So no matter how you add it up, this idea could save the state a lot of dough. How 'bout youse guys?



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