ABQ High Speed Rail


Here's my Jersey on High Speed Rail (HSR).

No matter what, we need to get off our dependance on oil, foreign or domestic. Greenhouse gasses are causing a global change in climate, and we need to act like grownups and act now instead of later. It just takes a little political courage, that's all.


A high speed light rail system could run down the arroyo that separates East bound and West bound I-40 traffic, and then let buses connect to Central State Park / Expo NM. Bike paths could be connected to the bike paths that exist outside the area. If some people still insist on driving there, maybe a small parking garage can be constructed.  HSR can also connect to the Uptown shopping centers.

This system could easily connect with the NM Rail Runner. So now people have a way to travel near and far in this great state of ours. For example, a couple in the heights takes the bus to the HSR, then on to the Rail Runner, and have dinner and a concert at a casino far away. You gotta problem with that?

Hey Mayor Berry how about some regular cawfee?

Now that's how you HSR in NM. How 'bout youse guys?


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