NM Historic Music Venues


Here's my Jersey on promoting all the vast amount of musical talent that resides here in our very own state of NM.

But first, a serious question.

Can bands live together on the road? Really. That's a serious question. Bands are notorious at being egomaniacs, and that's what often causes bands to fail; it's their inability to simply get along.


What if we can get bands to enter a circuit (tour) of NM, with each stop at an historic venue? They would all have to travel together, testing their mettle. This could be the proving grounds for bands. If they can make here, then they can make it anywhere. You gotta problem with that?

With bands playing the circuit (and assuming low hotel damage bills), the historic venues would get money to revitalize their place. This will give the audience a more pleasant visit. It's a win-win-win for everyone.

So what do I mean by "historic venues"? Well, I'm really glad you asked!

NM has a lot of different and very interesting architecture. Here's just a partial list of historic places that bands can play in:

See what I mean? People would love to go to a nice historic place to watch a great band play. And how many tourist will this attract to our great state? It just takes a little political courage, that's all.

Now that's how to dance to la musica in NM. How 'bout youse guys?