Here is my Jersey on Expo New Mexico.

From Expo New Mexico to Central State Park

Mar 4, 2015 - Expo NM Losing Arabian Horse Association Show
How much more can we take? Always losing money, needing repairs, etc, etc...
Expo NM is a neat idea that needs to be better.


We need to change the very nature of Expo NM. The area is used only less than 20% of the year for the big events (with the exception of all the other smaller events that happen year-round, such as the flea market). However it is being used, I believe that it is an inefficient use of this most valuable piece of land. So even the name should be changed. It just takes a little political courage, that's all.

Change the name to Central State Park.

We then keep all of the historic buildings and any other buildings that are deemed worthwhile, and tear down the rest. Yes, that includes tearing down Tingly Coliseum. We then get architects to go in and modify the buildings to 21st Century codes, if they are not already.

The architects would then design new 21st Century buildings (which will include solar and wind energy, of course), with each building no more than three stories high. These buildings will be used by small businesses and as government offices. We allow no more than 2,500 square feet of space for any business to occupy; this will force businesses to remain small, and customers will get a greater choice. Any business, large and small, local and national, can open up shop. The only limitation would be the square foot area of the business. This environment should attract micro brews, restaurants, and other local businesses to this area, like daycare centers.

The whole area would contain little pods (which has a kid area like a playground) separated by parks. This will attract families to the area. These small pod areas will also have their own little performing arts area. These area will consist of stages, and other types of venues. Since live music will be performed somewhere, we will keep as much of the sound within the park area as possible, using trees and other sound barrier technology.

Once completed, we move all state government and social services agencies into this area. Now we have a centralized location for state workers who do not telecommute. All state business is now conducted in one location (one stop shopping for all of our citizens). This makes it very convenient for customers and employees. You gotta problem with that?

So now let's put it all together. A family that lives in Belen who is need of our social services, takes the Rail Runner to the high speed rail connection, then on to Central State Park. Not only does the family get the convenience of one–stop shopping, so to speak, but they can also enjoy a day at the park, there being something for the kids and something for the parents.

Now that's a New Mexico that I want to live in. How 'bout youse guys?



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