NM Crime / Corrections


Here is my Jersey on NM Crime / Corrections.

Let me first begin by acknowledging that my only experience with "jail" was back in Union City, NJ, where I went to High School. My friend Pete and I were brought into the police station when I was 16 years of age for drinking. Lucky my Godfather was the Captain of the Jersey City police force, so I got to go home that night.

So I'm not that much of an expert on this subject. However (comma)...


There is a good portion of the people in jail are in for pot. They should be release immediately, with conditions (pee test, get a job, stay out of trouble, etc.). This would alleviate the overcrowding problem.

Enforce existing law, such as car insurance, registration, and vehicle inspections. Too many people skirt the law, and we need to hold them accountable. Mandate yearly inspections going so far as to gauge tire tread, headlights, brakes, etc. It just takes a little political courage, that's all.  Remember criminals have to drive to their crime scene.

Work with other governors of other states to do gang member prisoner exchange. This helps to break up the gangs in prison.

A Three tier prison system, with tier 3 housing the hardcore criminals and lifers. Tier 3 would be more like a penal colony, where they even grow their own food. Tier 1 would be the place where people go who drive without a license, etc. As the crime becomes more sever, the tier level goes up.

Of course, if a prisoner (other than tier 3) really wants to change their lives around, I feel that every opportunity should be afforded, including an education. Isn't that what will truly set them free? You gotta problem with that?

I'm not sure what to do about the backlog of court cases, other than to say let's get with the program. What is the problem? Funding? Personnel (also funding)? Let's fix the problem.

Now that's correcting corrections. How 'bout youse guys?



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