Welcome to NMMitch

Go out to any political blog, whether on the left or on the right, and you will find a myriad of problem–definers, i.e., people who can identify a problem or problems. We have an overflow of people who can identify problems. In a state full of problem–identifiers, we need someone who is a problem–solver as well.

Enter Tom Mitchell – NMMitch. Not only are the problems of the state stated, but viable solutions are offered up as well. I try to come up with innovative solutions to problems that both the left and the right can embrace (of course, the topics are not all that controversial, so that helps).  My years spent with CYFD IT (I retired in 2013) started me down the path of IT consolidation solutions.  Many of the issues raised in this blog were started 2 – 3 years ago while working for CYFD and has been updated as of July 2015.  Also, while attending CYFD IT meetings (which were a waste of time) I was asked not to "Throw My Jersey Attitude" at the meetings – hence the subtitle of this blog

My solutions may not be the best, or it may not be the most cost–effective, but I have my heart in the right place, and thus wish to foster a dialog. If I don’t have the right solution, maybe you do! I’m certainly man enough to admit if I’m wrong and that there’s a better solution out there. Convince me! Comment on each issue with positive creative ideas to establish a type of "think tank" for New Mexico's problems.

In the end, however, it will always take a little political courage to enact legislation for the common good. Which leads us to the reason I do a webpage on Hector Balderas: he is the most qualified Democratic candidate for the governorship of New Mexico in 2018. It is the beginning of a 3+ year effort to move our state forward with new ideas and solutions to simple and complex issues.

This blog ain’t for the faint hearted; sometimes my Jersey gets the better of me. But one thing's for sure: NMMitch states the problem and offers a solution. You gotta problem with that?